Meetup At Babe’s Tavern

It’s once again time for our monthly Meetup!

This month we are happy to announce that Meetup will occur on Tuesday July 26th from 6-8pm! As usual, we encourage you to support our local businesses and this month we will be meeting at Babe’s Tavern (on the patio) at 3215 Ivanhoe. Babe’s does not serve food, but you are welcome to bring food over to the patio. We recommend supporting Vinnie’s, Pizza A Go Go or Bubba’s Deli for food choices because they are all part of the Ivanhoe stretch. Babe’s is a much-loved local bar in our neighborhood and their patio is sheltered from the sun (and rain) and they have fans!

If you’re still not comfortable with in-person socializing, please consider getting takeout or delivery from one of the Ivanhoe restaurants. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask and joining us, that is perfectly understandable. There is no judgement at Meetup’s!

A Meetup is an opportunity for you to “meet up” with other people from our neighborhood. It’s a happy hour where you buy your own food and drinks and hang out with a great group of people. We meet any time between 6-8pm, so stay as long as you like, there is no agenda and it’s an opportunity for you to meet your neighbors, have a few laughs and to sample some foods from our local restaurants.

We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday July 26th!