LPNA Safety Committee

The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association started a safety committee in late 2020, here are some tips for a safer neighborhood.

  1. Lock your car at night.
  2. Do not leave valuables in your car.
  3. Make sure all your streetlights are working, if not notify the Citizen Service Bureau (314-622-4800).
  4. If your alley lights are not working, call Ameren (314-342-1000).
  5. Get to know your neighbors.
  6. Purchase a doorbell or other cameras for your house.
  7. Close windows and blinds at night.
  8. If you see something suspicious, call 911.
  9. For non-emergencies call 314-231-1212.
  10. Keep your exterior house lights on at night.
  11. Lock all your garage doors.
  12. Stay current with crime trends for our neighborhood.
  13. Do not announce on social media that you are away from your home.
  14. Stop mail/newspapers and have neighbors keep any eye on your property while on vacation.
  15. You can purchase a Club (steering wheel lock) from our shop: Link (lindenwoodpark.org/shop)
  16. To get the weekly email on crimes in the neighborhood email Officer Gus Karagiannis at gkaragiannis@slmpd.org
  17. For city crime statistics use this link: https://www.slmpd.org/crime_stats.shtml
  18. The police department is collecting the location of cameras in the neighborhood if needed during a investigation. Either use safety@lindenwoodpark.org and gkaragiannis@slmpd.org to provide that info.
  19. The safety committee meets each quarter virtually (Jan 18, Apr 18, Jul 18, and Oct 17). If you’d like to join the committee, send an email to safety@lindenwoodpark.org.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the safety committee, email the committee at safety@lindenwoodpark.org.