Board of Directors

Board of Directors meetings are held in January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November at the Machacek Library on Watson or in the meeting room at Epiphany Church. Anyone can attend LPNA board meetings.

Elected offices are held for one-year terms. Positions are currently held by the following residents (as of February 2018):

Pat Acquisto: President (Events, Communications)
(314) 781-2129

Doug Dick: Vice-President (Events, Membership, Board Orientation)
(314) 757-2030

Lindsay Alsop: Treasurer (Membership, Streets & Properties, Green Team, Communications
(314) 645-9257

Lisa Roggeman: Secretary (Events, Membership, Board Orientation, Communications)
(314) 973-3228

Craig Strohbeck (Park, Membership)
(314) 537-1458

Greg Roggeman (Webmaster, Communications, Events)
(314) 973-2080

Milton Murry (Community Garden, Wabash Beautification)

Tim Nowell (Events, Streets & Properties, Green Team, Membership)

Emily Rogier (Events, Block Captains)

Carol Hofer (Business Representative)

Emily Yale (Park)

Mary Ann Rogers (Park, Communications)