Sunday, September 4: Lindenwood Live!

Join us at “Lindenwood Live!”

The fourth and final concert in the Park for 2022 will be held on Sunday, September 4, from 6pm to 8pm in Lindenwood Park.

Gather up your neighbors and friends and come enjoy the sounds of: Paul Bonn and The Bluesmen

Singer and entertainer Paul Bonn has been electrifying audiences for more than fifty years throughout the Midwest. His band feature some of the finest players from the St. Louis area, with decades of experience performing throughout the world. Their material includes traditional blues, soul, R&B and swampy Lousiana classics and originals.

With the successful release of Paul’s debut solo effort “50 Years” in January 2017, the group has been charging forward full throttle, touring the Midwest and constantly performing around St. Louis.

Rockwell Beer Co. will be selling beer and Southside Wine + Spirits will be selling wine!

Also: There will again be several food trucks! Food trucks and alcohol vendors begin serving at 5pm:

And, we will again have a fashion truck! Please check out Abigail’s Gift Boutique!

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The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association is committed to providing access to individuals with disabilities who wish to attend our summer concerts. Access to any of the concerts in the park will be handled as follows for those who use walkers or wheelchairs:

  1. Arrive at the corner of Pernod and Jamieson
  2. The street barricades will be MARKED FOR DISABLED ACCESS. There will be a person staffing the barricade between 3pm – 6pm the day of the concert. Just indicate you need to drop off an individual who needs disabled access. The barricade will be moved to allow entry. The individual needing special access can then be dropped off at the driveway leading into the park.
  3. The person dropping off the individual can exit Pernod via the alley on the north side of the street and use nearby street parking if they are planning to stay for the concert. If you are disabled and driving yourself, let the person at the barricades know that you will be parking on Pernod.
  4. Barricades are removed when the concert concludes at 8:15pm allowing the designated car to return to
  5. pick up the person needing assistance.

“Lindenwood Live!” is sponsored by the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association