LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 11/16/2019

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2019 – 9.30am – 12.30pm, Machacek Library


Present: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Carol Hofer, Mary Ann Rogers, Tim Nowell, Doug Dick, Gabe Gassner, Tom Oldenburg, Berto Garcia

Apologies: Emily Yale, Greg Roggeman, Emily Rogier

Absent: Craig Strohbeck


The Strategic Plan discussion of goal 3 was tabled until the next Saturday meeting due to a discussion with Berto Garcia regarding 6942 Lansdowne.  The building is riddled with asbestos (walls, ceilings, floors) which will have to be removed. He is proposing to transform the building into 18 x 1 bedroom apartments with rents targeted at $1.30 – $1.50/sf (approximately $1,000 – $1,100 per month).  1 parking spot per apartment will be allocated as per code. The alley would generate extra traffic but it is a one-way alley.  Cameras will be installed on each corner and at the stairs/entrance and parking lot.  Outside plans would have lighting, tuck pointing, new windows and only the address showing (no signage), new roof and landscaping.


Pat made a motion to support the Garcia/6942 Lansdowne project and it was seconded by Carol. Yay’s = 8, Nay’s = 0.  Motion was passed.  Pat will write a letter of support and cc the Board.


Gabe Gassner attended the Board meeting with interest in becoming a Board Member.  He has lived in the neighborhood for several years and been an LPNA member for just over a year.  Gabe was asked to leave the room while a vote was taken.  Pat made a motion to approve Gabe Gassner as a new Board Member, seconded by Doug.  Yay’s = 8, Nay’s = 0.  Lisa to set up a time for Gabe to complete the Orientation program.


The Minutes from October 16, 2019 Minutes were approved. Motion made by Lindsay, seconded by Carol.


General Membership Meeting

  • Guest speakers:
    • Pat to introduce new Board Members: Mary Ann Rogers and Gabe Gassner.
    • Guest speakers: Bubba’s Deli, Love Unleashed, Forrest & Meadow.
    • Elected Officials reports – Tom to give feedback on the 6942 Lansdowne project.
    • SLPD, Library, LASM reports.
    • Pat to find out if Watson Terrace church has a canned food drive. We will also collect socks for the sock drive, hosted by the Service Club for the Blind.
    • All Board members to please bring cookies


Committee Reports


Streets & Properties:

  • The Streets & Properties Committee has not had a recent meeting, but Walt is working with Steve LaRosa.



  • Tweetup: November’s Tweetup will be at Trattoria Marcella on Nov 19th. We will be collecting socks for the Service Club for the Blind’s sock drive.  This is the last Tweetup for the year.
  • Event’s meeting: Pat will be calling a meeting in January for everyone involved in events.
  • LinFest: Emily Rogier and Mary Ann Rogers will co-chair LinFest in 2020. Lindsay will be handling the City related issues. They will meet on Thursday Nov 21st and again in December, thereafter they will meet with the various LinFest committees.  Pat and Lisa recommended that they call/email for any LinFest related advice.
  • Flea Market: Lisa is waiting for feedback from Southwest Baptist to see if it was possible to hold flea market there in 2020 as they have rectangle tables and we wouldn’t have to rent them. If not, Epiphany is an option.  Date to be determined, depending on availability of the venue.



  • Committee: A communication committee meeting will be scheduled.



  • Park: The park building will be getting a new roof before the end of the year and the Park’s Dept. will be paying for it. The committee needs to meet to discuss the long term renovations and plan in 2020 regarding the building and bathrooms.   Aaron had advised that the Forestry League has 8-10 more trees that need to be planted.  Doug, Lindsay and Aaron will meet at the park to pick spots for the planting.  Pat will send Lindsay a list of the volunteers who helped plant the previous trees recently.
  • Green Team: 8 volunteers helped with the November highway clean up. Tim will ask Joe to ask the City to cut the grass more often.  Possibly look at a landscaper to do this. The ruts were filled but have already started sinking again.  Mary Ann to contact her supervisor friend at MODOT to fix the ruts.
  • Community Garden: An impromptu picnic was organized at the garden for the gardeners. A small library of gardening books was installed.  Annual rye was planted in some of the beds.  Working with Joe to have cameras installed to catch dumping that is occurring and produce being stolen.
  • Wabash Garden: Birds are feeding on the berries from the native plants and lots of bees have been observed as there are hives in the vicinity. Milton and Sharon were commended on the tremendous job they do at both gardens.


Block Captain Report

  • No report.


Membership Report

  • Renewal Letters: All members due for renewal have been emailed.  Some dues are already coming in.
  • Welcome packs are ready to be delivered.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Nothing to report.



  • SLHNA Safety Committee: 6 cameras have been installed along Hampton Ave.
  • Pat made a motion to donate $5,000 to SLHNA Safety Committee to be used for real time cameras. This was seconded by Carol.  Motion passed 9-0.
  • Pat will invite Tom Scheifler, the Safety chair to our General Membership meeting where we will present him with the check.
  • Ring: There is a $40 discount to people living in Lindenwood Park available until November 24th.
  • Impact Statement: This will be available at Tweetup for signatures – re Ivanhoe and35xx Watson robberies.
  • Steering Wheel locks: Clubs can be purchased from the Senior Center on Arsenal St.


Old Business

  • Craig has been asked to resign from the Board as he hasn’t attended a meeting in a long time. This will open another position for a new Board member.  Pat will ask Adam Rustige if he is interested.
  • 2020 Calendar: Add flea market date and park cleanup’s


New Business

  • A representative from the Treasurer’s office would like to speak at our March General Membership meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman