2019 LPNA Year End Wrap Up

Hard to believe that 2019 is almost over and although it went fast, the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) accomplished so much. There were some changes to our Board of Directors, Jessica Sullivan stepped down due to conflicting commitments.  Jessica did a great job for the LPNA Board, serving on the Membership Committee and Co-Chairing 2018 Linfest.  We appreciate all her input and hard work and congratulate her and husband Chris as they prepare to welcome a new baby!   Craig Strohbeck our Park Chair for years has also moved on from the Board but not LPNA or the park, where he will continue to serve on the Park Committee.  Craig’s dedication to improving Lindenwood Park has been so impressive, from staying in constant contact with the City’s Park Dept for maintenance, coordinating the planting of the garden by the tennis courts, to arranging the improved playground area and bandstand and so much more.  He worked tirelessly for the neighborhood and we can never thank him enough.

Mary Ann Rogers in July and Gabe Gassner in December were welcomed to the Board.  Mary Ann has already volunteered for several committees and to Co-Chair Linfest in 2020 with Emily Rogier.   The rest of the Board – Doug Dick, Lindsay Alsop, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Milt Murry, Tim Nowell, Carol Hofer, Emily Yale, Emily Rogier and myself continue to work to plan events, beautify the neighborhood, clean up problem properties along with numerous volunteers who give up their time & talent to help in any way they can.  Some of our accomplishments of 2019:


Monthly Tweetups at various neighborhood restaurants and bars, organized by Lisa Roggeman brought together many neighbors, elected officials and anyone who wanted to attend.  You never know who you are going to see at a Tweetup.  But it is always a good time and an excellent way to support a local business.

The LPNA Flea Market also organized by Lisa Roggeman took place at Timothy Lutheran on April 27.  Despite the rain it was a great success in large part to the help of a team of wonderful volunteers.

May 2019 began our Lindenwood Live! concert series which was co-sponsored by Raising Cane’s.  We had great food trucks at every concert and good feedback on the choice of bands:

May 26- Abbey Road Warriors                                  August 4- Melissa Neels Band

June 23- Off Topic Band                                              Sept 1- Firekeepers

Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to Tim Nowell, Greg Roggeman & Doug Dick for putting together another fine season.


The Lawn & Garden Contest took place in June thanks to the dedication of Doug Dick and a team of judges.

Here are the 2019 LPNA Lawn and Garden Contest Winners:

63xx Marquette – Mary Colombo                              67xx Sutherland backyard – Thomas Jacob

38xx McCausland – Lindenwood Lofts                       32xx Childress – Patty & John Crader

69xx Mardel – Dr. & Mrs. Walt Winters                     44xx Wabash – Rob Girardier


Welcome to The Jungle was the theme of this year’s LPNA Trivia Night held on July 27.  Once again, the generous businesses of Lindenwood Park sponsored and donated prizes to make this a fabulous night. Our volunteers -Sean Cahn, Mary Cahn, Amy Rustige, Mary Ann Rogers, Susan & Terry Shelton, Milt Murry, Pat & Tom Acquisto went out of their way to make the evening fun.   Thanks to everyone who attended!


Jorie Shuckman is once again chairing the LPNA Christmas Lighting Contest.  Our neighborhood was lit last year, and we are again looking forward to fantastic displays. The 2019 winners were:

First Place: 6933 Lindenwood
Second Place: 6334/6336 Mardel
Third Place: 6229 Juniata


Block Captains

Our Block Captain Chairs – Liz Hatfield & Emily Rogier recruited several new block captains and held some very informative meetings.  Not to mention a very fun bowling party for all Block Captains.  Unfortunately, Liz had to step down as co-chair due to other commitments and a growing family.  We are so glad that Liz stepped up to take on the job when she did.  She brought some great ideas and insights to the position and the LPNA would be nothing if it weren’t for great volunteers like her and Emily.  Patti Seagraves has generously volunteered to take Liz’s place and we are looking forward to working with her.  Thank you to all our block captains for giving up your time to make our neighborhood a better place.



Our SLMPD liaison officer, Vince Stehlin worked with us to produce impact statements for several criminals who were caught in our neighborhood.  The Police Department did a great job catching these perpetrators and we hope our neighborhood impact statements sent a clear message to the judge that we encourage higher bonds and stiffer sentences.

The LPNA participated in the St. Louis Hills Safety Committee Chili Cook-Off to raise funds for Real Time Crime Cameras on Hampton.  Our representative restaurant was River’s Edge.  Aurel Bardho’s chili was amazing and the fundraiser raised enough money to purchase several cameras. In addition, the LPNA is donating on behalf of our members to purchase more real time crime cameras on our main thoroughfares.

LPNA along with SOHA, and STL Hills neighborhood associations took part in a meeting with representatives from Target to discuss additional safety measures at their store.  The meeting was very successful with Target agreeing to move and redirect some cameras, increase safety patrols around the perimeter and increase lighting in the garage.  We are committed to keeping dialogue open with Target about these matters.

There was also a Ring Doorbell discount program set up for any individuals in the neighborhood interested in purchasing safety cameras.  The LPNA will continue to act to help increase security in the neighborhood.



Our saints of beautification Milt Murry and Sharon Panion were at it again in 2019.  Their continued maintenance of the Wabash flower garden at Wabash & Oleatha, that was planted last year, has made it an unbelievable addition to the area. With 185 native perennials the garden attracts pollinators as well as beautifying this once weedy plot of land.  In addition, they once again ran the community garden at Smiley & Leola with 29 raised beds planted and maintained by neighborhood gardeners who pay $10 per bed.  This year a little library of garden books was added to the sight. St. Michaels Temple generously lends the field behind their church for this effort.

In March we took on the major job of cleaning the park building.  It took a lot of hours and a lot of people.  Thankful for the volunteers who took their time to help.  While cleaning we noticed some severe leaks in the ceiling.  So we will be getting a new roof on the park building soon.   Emily Yale is in contact with Joe Vaccaro and the Parks Dept. about other repairs needed around the park.  Next year, we will be working on a long-term plan for the park.

We had two Park Cleanups in 2019, on the first led by Craig Strohbeck, they were able to get mulch laid and do some planting.  The second park cleanup was led by Emily Yale along with a tree planting led by Aaron Dohogne.  Aaron coordinated with the Parks Dept. and got 12 trees from Forest ReLeaf of Missouri.  Volunteers planted all of the trees and then moved on to help with park cleanup.  We are so thankful for all the park volunteers this year – Lisa Roggeman, Buddy & Sharon Varagona, Milton Murry, Sharon Panian, Donna Pfeiffer, Emily & John Rogier, Tim Nowell, Wendy Barrow, Mary Ann Rogers, Lindsay Alsop, Joe Vaccaro, Pat & Tom Acquisto,

Mary Cahn, Ray & Ryker Franklin, Jason Walz, Todd Martin, Dennis Sullivan, Hugh Conner, Esma Gurses, Matthew Lury, Mualla Igel, Doug & Grace Dick.  I’m sure I forgot some, but I must mention our regular gardeners – Jamieson & Pernod: Sara Pointer and Steve Meyer, Pernod & Prather: Dave Hoffman, Rick and Pam Nazzoli & Brad Schenk, Jamieson & Lindenwood: Richard Stephens Gazebo beds: Lindsay Alsop, Park Building & Pavilion Gardens: Craig Strohbeck & Jeanne Venker.

The Green Team led by Tim Nowell cleans the side of the highway at the EB exit at Jamieson.  His regular volunteers are Milt Murry, Sharon Panian, Lisa Roggeman, Lindsay Alsop, Doug Dick, Grace Dick, Richard Stephens, Mary Cahn, Buddy & Sharon Varagona.  In addition to the highway cleanup Tim stays in contact with MODOT about concerns to be addressed in that area.  You will also see Tim and Milt Murry cutting the grass at the exit when MODOT lets it go too long.  What would we do without these volunteers?!

In August, Joe Vaccaro arranged for new planters to be installed on Ivanhoe.  The LPNA provided all the plants and spent a morning planting.  The businesses on Ivanhoe agreed to continue maintenance on the plants.  We hope to have the same partnership again in 2020.

Problem Properties

Walt Winters does a great job heading up our Problem Properties committee.  The committee, consisting of Walt, Lindsay Alsop, Tim Nowell, Sean Rapp, Wendy Barnes, Joe Vaccaro, and Pat Acquisto work with our Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (NIS) and the city to improve the status of some properties that might need a nudge in the right direction.  There were several success stories this year and several that continue to be a problem.  It is a slow process when the owner is not responsive, but the committee stays on it. Our new NIS Steve LaRosa should prove to be very effective in working with us in 2020.



Our website was updated and revamped this year by Greg Roggeman and Wendy Barnes.  It should be easier to navigate.  Our new membership portal will be a huge help in keeping track of members and dues.  Please check it out, it looks wonderful.  Greg distributes our monthly newsletter to all members, and you can also keep up with what’s going on via Facebook, Nextdoor and Twitter.



Lindsay & Rita Alsop work hard to make sure all new residents receive a welcome packet.  This year they also sent letters to all members owing dues (so if you got a letter, blame them).  Dues are a big part of our revenue and keep our organization strong.  It is very easy to pay your dues on our website.  We appreciate this and the many other contributions that Rita & Lindsay make to this organization and the neighborhood.


It takes so many volunteers to make a good organization worthwhile. Our Board and our alderman work tirelessly to help in any way they can.  We are blessed to have an outstanding neighborhood and caring members who do so much to help keep it that way.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  Without all of you, this neighborhood would not be what it is today.


On behalf of the LPNA Board we wish you a happy and peaceful Holiday.  See you next year!




Pat Acquisto


Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association