The Park

Lindenwood Park is located at 3859 Prather Ave. St. Louis, MO 63109. Built as a result of a 1955 bond issue, Lindenwood Park has grown over the years to include:

  • baseball/softball fields
  • soccer fields
  • inline skating court
  • tennis courts
  • covered pavilion
  • Gazebo
  • playground
  • restrooms
  • open space

We hope you will enjoy our park and the many activities that take place there:

  • sports tournaments
  • Movie In The Park (spring and fall)
  • Lindenwood Live – Concert In The Park (with live band)
  • LinFest (fall of even numbered years)


Lindenwood Park and playground covers 14.08 acres and was purchased by the city in 1947 for $81,000. It is heavily used for organized sporting events, especially soccer and summer softball. The peripheral sidewalk is a favorite for strollers and dog walkers, and it is 0.64 miles per lap. In addition to Lindenwood Park, Tilles Park, Francis Park and Wilmore Park along the River Des Peres are located near the neighborhood and are easily accessible either with a moderate walk or short car ride.


Keep Lindenwood Park Beautiful!

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in city parks.  There is a dog park located in Wilmore Park that allows dogs to run free.  Please clean up after your dog.  There are “Mutt Mitt” dispensers located along the sidewalk around Lindenwood Park.  There are also trash cans located throughout the park.

Park Curfew

Please remember that Lindenwood Park is closed from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.  No one is allowed in the park during those overnight hours.


Help stop park vandalism!
Call 911 and the Park Police: 289-5350 Ask for a “rover” to come to Lindenwood Park.

Vandalism sometimes occurs overnight in the park and we need everyone to help stop the damage.  If you see anyone in the park overnight, please call the Park Police at the number listed above, then call 911.  THANKS!

Remember the park is one of the jewels of our neighborhood.


Thank you to our neighborhood gardeners!

If you haven’t looked lately, the four flower beds in Lindenwood Park have been full of color thanks to the hard work and long hours of some dedicated neighbors.  Take a moment to say thank you if you see them working their gardens.  Those responsible for the gardens are as follows:

  • Corner of Jamieson & Lindenwood: Richard Stephens
  • Corner of Jamieson & Pernod: Janet Desnoyer and Linda Walters
  • Corner of Prather & Pernod: Dave Hoffman, Pam and Rick Nazzoli
  • Butterfly Garden: Mike and Becky Nichols, Tina and Jeanne Venker
  • Gardens around the Service Building: Lindsay Alsop and Craig Strohbeck

Many others tend to the park in many ways from collecting cans and miscellaneous trash to pulling weeds or doing goodwill in our parks in a variety of ways.  If you see someone lending a hand, thank them and lend them a hand if you can.  There is always something to do to keep our park green!  Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Lindenwood Butterfly Garden

One special project that was completed in 2010 was the Lindenwood Rose / Butterfly Garden that was installed in front of the pavilion and tennis courts.

Through a grant from Operation Brightside, combined with donated labor and equipment from Timberline Landscapes, Inc. and funds from the LNA, we were able to add a jewel to Lindenwood Park. A noteworthy ‘thank you’ should go out to former board member Sharon Panion who wrote the grant application that resulted in our ability to complete this project! it was updated in 2015 with more native butterfly attracting plants and native plants.


If you are interested in helping to maintain the garden, please contact Craig Strohbeck, Park Chair, 647-7652.


Park Reservations & Permits

Permits or reservations are needed to reserve baseball, softball, soccer, football and rugby fields, to hold special events, runs and walks and fundraising activities and to reserve the large picnic grounds and pavilions in Lindenwood Park, Forest Park, Willmore Park, O’Fallon Park and Carondelet Park.

The Parks Division also issues permits or takes reservations for weddings and all events held at the World’s Fair Pavilion, Jewel Box and Kiener Plaza.

For reservations and permits contact:

  • Special events, runs and walks and fundraising activities, the World’s Fair Pavilion and Kiener Plaza: call 289-5344
  • Athletic fields and Jewel Box events: call 289-5389
  • Picnics and hayrides: call 289-5330
  • For information or other reservations and permits, call the Parks Division offices: 289-5300

Remember The Leashes

By law, dogs must be on a leash whenever they are on a city street, sidewalk, park or any public area. For off-the-leash exercise for your dog, a dog park is located in Wilmore Park, and another is located in the Shaw Neighborhood at Thurman and Cleveland Avenues.

Dog owners must also remove and properly dispose of any feces left by their dogs on any sidewalk or public or private area.