Meetup At Biggie’s

It’s almost Meetup time again!  Our October Meetup will take place this WEDNESDAY October 25th from 6pm – 8pm at Biggie’s (3332 Watson Rd.)! Biggie’s is not open on Tuesday’s so we will be meeting on Wednesday.

Biggie’s is a huge supporter of our neighborhood, and we are so lucky to have such a great restaurant in our neighborhood serving food and drinks to suit everyone! If you’re not comfortable with in-person socializing, please consider getting takeout from Biggie’s. Here is the link to their menu: Main Menu | Biggie’s | St. Louis, MO (  They boast that they have the best steak sandwich in St. Louis, so why not take them up on that challenge!

Meetups were started so that neighbors could support local restaurants and bars and also “try out” a restaurant they possibly haven’t been to before.  It also helps to support our local eateries (and drinkeries) on random days that business is slower than usual.

Meetup is just a fancy word for a happy hour.  We meet any time between 6-8pm, stay as long as you like, there is no agenda and it’s an opportunity for you to meet your neighbors, have a few laughs and to sample some delicious food from our local restaurants.

We hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, October 25th!