Become a Member Today

Are you a supporter of the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association?  Are you due to renew your membership and pay your annual dues?  Would you like to join the Neighborhood Association but don’t know how to do that?

Lindenwood Park has a very active Neighborhood Association.  We have a Block Captain program, park clean ups (parks don’t clean themselves and neither does the City), highway cleanups on I-44, Lindenwood Live – concerts in the park (4 of them this year), LinFest – our Fall Festival and many other events and fundraisers – some new ones and bringing back some old ones!  All of these events cost money – quite a bit of money!  The Neighborhood Association (LPNA) is run by a group of volunteers who head up various committees made up by more volunteers (help – we’re always looking for more volunteers!) to provide you, our residents, with fun FREE things to do throughout the year.  A lot of planning and organizing (and meetings) goes into all these events.  We could not do it without the financial support and sponsorship from you, our residents, and various businesses.

We have the best support from people living in Lindenwood Park, and the reason we do what we do, is because we love it and love to see our neighborhood thrive.  So, how can you help?  Go to, complete the short form online and pay your $15 membership dues (debit, credit, PayPal) and that is all!  Yes, only $15 per household (not person) per year!  That’s 2 small coffees from Starbucks, or a dozen donuts from Donut Drive In, a sandwich from Bubba’s or Vinnie’s, etc.  You will also find an application form in the Lindenwood Directory that every household receives each year.  You can mail the form and your check to LPNA, P O Box 39036, St. Louis, MO 63139.  OR, you can come to any of our events and Neighborhood Meetings and pay your dues there.  Are you a member and not sure if you are due to renew your membership?  Send an email to and we will be happy to check and let you know your membership status.

Many people tell us that they are unable to volunteer at events for whatever reason, but by joining LPNA and paying your dues, you ARE helping us to provide our neighborhood with fun events, and we SO appreciate that.  We totally understand that not everyone is able to volunteer time or energy and we are so grateful to those who do.

So, please consider joining LPNA or renewing your membership.  Sign up for membership today and help take an active role in our neighborhood.