Meetup At Ari’s Restaurant

Please join us on Tuesday January 24th at Ari’s Restaurant between 6-8pm, for our first Meetup of the year.

As with many restaurants who are battling to staff their establishments, Ari’s has asked to be advised how many people will be attending so that they can best serve us. Please send an email to if you are intending to join us and please include the number of people planning to attend, so that I can give them a more accurate attendee count. If you’ve already commented on the Facebook or Nextdoor posts, it’s not necessary to email.

Ari’s is an old favorite in our neighborhood.  If you’re unable to attend but would still like to support them, here’s the menu: Menu | Ari’s: Greek Restaurant in St. Louis (

Meetup is the word we use to describe a happy hour.  There’s no agenda.  It’s just a chance for you to get to know some people from our neighborhood, eat some great food and try out a possible new restaurant.  Stay as long as you like and just pay for your own food and drinks.

We’d love to have you join us on Tuesday!