2022 LPNA Year End Wrap Up

Thank you to all of our volunteers this year!  You give up your time to help make this one of the best neighborhoods in the city.  It takes so many working together to maintain a beautiful and thriving area.

The LPNA Board – Doug Dick, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Tim Nowell, Milt Murry, Carol Hofer, Emily Yale, Adam Rustige, Jenna Stout, Lindsay Alsop, Emily Rogier, Gabe Gassner and myself, worked tirelessly on events, cleanups, zoning issues, problem properties and much more.  We were sorry to have three Board members step down this year.  Lindsay Alsop, who served on the Board for over 30 years!  Over the years he has served as treasurer, membership chair, problem property committee, event committee and worked more volunteer hours than I can count.  Lindsay has been a valuable member of the Board, has served the neighborhood well and continues to serve.  We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Emily Rogier has also stepped down due to increasing work demands.  Emily did a phenomenal job of chairing LinFest this year, no easy task! She also ran our block captain program for several years and also put in an unbelievable amount of volunteer hours for the betterment of the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood.  We are so grateful to have had her on the board. Gabe Gassner sadly left the board this year to donate more time to his young children’s activities.  Gabe chaired our Lawn & Garden Contest for several years.  He has been so valuable in decision making and volunteering whenever needed.  We are going to miss these three great members; they are welcome back anytime.

Beautification Committee

Emily Yale and Aaron Dohogne have managed the park cleanups, coordinated with the city to plant trees and provide upgrades to the park buildings and equipment.   More improvements are due for 2023.  Aaron has organized numerous trash pickups in our neighborhood and across south city.  The Green Team has consistently picked up trash on the highway at the eastbound entrance to the neighborhood at Jamieson under the direction of Tim Nowell.  In addition, Tim Nowell and Milt Murry cut the grass at that intersection!  The LPNA has hired a landscaper to help with that task.

The community garden at 6517 Smiley is organized by Milt Murry and Sharon Panian.  They put in countless volunteer hours providing maintenance, supplies, equipment and compost for the gardeners that maintain beds.  In addition, they maintain the perennials at the Wabash Flower Garden at Wabash and Oleatha.  Milt and Sharon give their all to everything they attempt, and we reap the reward when it comes to beautiful gardens.  The Ivanhoe planters look beautiful this year!  Thanks to the Ivanhoe businesses and residents who take such good care of them.  Thanks to Tom Acquisto who plants and waters the planters at Ivanhoe & Bradley.

Block Captains

Emily Rogier & Patti Seagraves turned over block captain chair duties to Laurie Klein.  We thank Laurie for stepping up for such an important job. Block captains are an integral part of the neighborhood. Eileen Bacon has recently agreed to help out as co-chair.  We always need block captains so consider volunteering.


Thanks to Greg Roggeman and Wendy Barnes our website now has a shop for purchasing T-shirts, garden flags and car clubs.  Our webmaster Greg also emails the monthly newsletter.  He and Wendy have done an outstanding job of keeping the communication up to date.


The biggest event this year was LinFest!  Emily Rogier did a fantastic job getting sponsors, volunteers and organizing sub-committees.  Thanks to Lisa Roggeman for stepping in to co-chair and take care of the artisan portion of the event as well as her expertise from chairing past LinFest’s.  Patti Seagraves procured the food vendors. John Harris and Jenna Stout coordinated all the children’s activities.  Tim Nowell managed the entertainment.  Along with all the great volunteers who stepped up to help that day, the team put on the most successful LinFest yet.

Lindenwood Live, the 4 concerts in the park this summer were well attended and lots of fun thanks to Tim Nowell and Greg Roggeman.  It’s so wonderful to see neighbors out enjoying the park together. Our Meetups (formerly Tweetups) take place at a local restaurant on the last Tuesday of the month.  Organized by Lisa Roggeman the Meetups this year were fun happy hours and a good chance to get together with other Lindenwood Park residents and enjoy a neighborhood restaurant.

The LPNA Lawn & garden contest chaired by Gabe Gassner showcased some beautiful yards.  Our winners this year were:

Pam King – 6575 Lindenwood
Robert & Kari Girardier – 4416 Wabash
Justin Umbright – 6652 Lindenwood

We finished the event year off with the LPNA Holiday Lighting contest.  Rachel Morgan who did such a great job last year running this event has turned over the reins to Matt Walbaum & family.  Matt and his judges had a tough job of choosing the best of some really well thought out holiday displays.

Adam Rustige is working on a new event for 2023, a house tour.  He will be looking for houses, sponsors and volunteers.  If you’re interested, let us know!


Lisa Roggeman has taken over membership from Lindsay Alsop. She is forming a membership committee and looking for volunteers to put together & deliver welcome packets and give some input into gaining more members.


The Safety Committee led by Adam Rustige, has been busy this year.  They are selling car steering wheel clubs to help prevent car thefts.  The #9PMRoutine campaign is in full swing with postcards, signs and social media posts persuading residents to get in the habit of making sure porch lights are and well as cars and houses are locked by 9 PM.

Century Homes

If your home is in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood is over 100 years old, you probably already know about the Century Home plaque programThese tasteful stainless-steel plaques designed by neighborhood resident Miriam Moynihan are made to be placed on your house or in your yard.  Jenna Stout, Miriam Moynihan and Kaye Campbell keep track of home ages and offer these plaques to homeowners for purchase twice yearly, in the spring and fall.

None of this can happen without the volunteers that come out and help in so many ways – picking up trash, pruning, planting, setting up and tearing down for events, putting up signs, delivering welcome packets, connecting neighbors, etc.  The neighborhood owes you a huge debt of gratitude!  You are what truly make this a great neighborhood.

Joe Vaccaro and Karen Clifford have gone above and beyond in their duties to serve the residents.  Although Karen Clifford is no longer our NIS, she still stays connected.  They both do their jobs extremely well.  We welcome our new NIS Brian Kolde (KoldeB@stlouis-mo.gov : (314) 657-1364) and look forward to working with him.

The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association wishes everyone Happy Holidays.  Thanks for caring about your neighborhood!

Pat Acquisto,