LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 7/17/2019

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2019 – 7pm – 9pm, Epiphany’s upstairs room


Present: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Tim Nowell, Emily Rogier, Greg Roggeman, Doug Dick, Emily Yale, Carol Hofer, Mary Ann Rogers

Apologies: Emily Rogier, Joe Vaccaro

Absent: Craig Strohbeck


The Minutes from May 18, 2019 were approved. Motion made by Tim Nowell, seconded by Emily Yale.


Cody Bell has resigned from the Board due to time constraints.  Mary Ann Rogers was introduced to the Board and a vote was taken to accept her as a new Board member.  Motion made by Pat Acquisto, seconded by Greg Roggeman.  All Board members present voted Aye.


The Board positions of Vice President and Treasurer are up for election. No new applications or requests were made.  Doug agreed to run for VP and Lindsay agreed to run for Treasurer for another 4 years.  This will be confirmed with the general membership at the next General Membership meeting.  Pat Acquisto made a motion to approve the continuation of Doug Dick as VP and Lindsay Alsop as Treasurer.  Emily Yale seconded it.  All Board members present voted Aye.


General Membership Meeting

  • Possible guests: Kyle Goldkuhl from Bubba’s Deli, Jill Campbell from Love Unleashed (2 new businesses in our area)
  • Possible discussion of various tax incentives for home improvements – Lindsay.
  • Aldermanic reports/Elected officials
  • SLPD report presented by Liaison Officer Vince Stehlin
  • Lawn & Garden contest winners.
  • Various committee reports.


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • Jamieson Church: The owners paid $16k of the $20k owed which was enough to have it removed from the auction list. The grass is being cut. Property is for sale for $350k. The 4-family building is collecting $1,200 per month in rent.
  • 7080 Oleatha: Has been sold.
  • 7036 Winona: Nothing new to report – it is on the tax sale list.
  • 6989 Pernod: There is some demo work going on inside. CSB will be called to report giant weeds growing through the front porch and tall grass.
  • 6451 Pernod: Nothing new to report.
  • 5600 Pernod: There was a drug bust by the DEA. No info available.



  • Trivia: 11 tables have been sold. Jungle theme, need volunteers, have lots of attendance and raffle prizes.
  • Lindenwood Live: 2 concerts left – August 4th (Melissa Neels Blues band) and September 1st (The Firekeepers). At the Aug 4th concert the Blues Society will have a table and paid us $75 for that.  Tim and Tom will put up signposts and banners.  The posts are designed to be portable. Tim wants to recruit extra people to help put yard signs around the neighborhood to advertise the concerts.  Food trucks are booked.
  • Tweetup: July’s Tweetup will be at Edibles & Essential’s and June’s Tweetup may be at Babe’s – waiting for confirmation.
  • Lawn & Garden Contest: There are 6 winners: 5 front yard winners and 1 back yard winner. The signs have been placed at the winning gardens.  Doug will get gift certificates for the winners, take photos and ensure that they are recognized at the General Membership meeting.



  • LPNA Website: We are close to launching the newly designed website. Wendy and Greg have been meeting regularly to work on it and have been getting assistance from Hot Lava. To view the demo of the new website, go to staging.lindenwooepark.org.  Info that gets viewed the most will be on the 1st  Email reminders are automatically being sent to members about renewing their membership.  The email goes out 3 weeks prior to the renewal date and also 2 weeks after the date of expiration.
  • A communications meeting has been set up to discuss various forms of communication forums for July 28th at 3pm at Greg’s house. Wendy, Greg, Pat and Lisa to attend.



  • Park: In Craig’s absence Emily Yale gave some park feedback regarding the park building.  She has asked Joe to provide her with the budget available for the park improvements.  She suggested that we need new bathrooms and ideally a new building as the current one has rusted materials, a leaky roof, broken windows, and when it rains the water pours through the electrical box.  In addition, the sewer line needs to be checked out as it is often backed up when we have busy events and when it rains. Lisa to send Emily the photos taken during the park building cleanup so that she can follow up with Joe and Kim Haegele.  If we can’t have a new building, we would like to start with the repair of the roof, windows, electrical box, remove the walkway between the bathroom and building, replace bathroom (plumbing updated), resurface the corner at Prather and Pernod.
  • Pat will contact Nan from STL Hills as to how Francis Park’s bathrooms were financed and also speak to Joe Vollmer to get more info about the update of Berra Park as they recently had a new building and bathroom installed. It was agreed that we need a master plan for the park and look for possible grants that could assist with the financing.
  • Large limbs in the park are not to be placed in the trash cans. Stack them together and call Forestry (CSB) to have them removed.
  • Lindsay met a gentleman in the park while planting extra flowers, who is interested in helping with park gardens. He has been picking up trash and weeding.  Lindsay will invite him to speak to the Board – Aaron Donoghue.
  • Green Team: Next highway cleanup is scheduled for September 7th from 9am – noon.  Grass is being cut regularly in the triangle by volunteers.  MODOT needs to cut the highway area.
  • Community Garden: Veggies and flowers are doing very well. Milton mowed a strip of land by the parking lot and advised the church and fixed the wooden fences – no acknowledgement from the church.  The rye experiment over the winter seemed to have worked well and nitrogen permeated the soil in the community beds.
  • Wabash Garden: Photos were posted on Facebook and Nextdoor. Plants are looking great and, as always, volunteers are needed to help with weeding and watering and general upkeep.


Block Captain Report:

  • Vince Stehlin provided feedback on crime as well as the use of personal cameras and how they can assist the police.
  • Bridget Rodriguez provided info regarding real estate in our neighborhood.


Membership Report

  • Lindsay has asked Bill Kaye, a marketer, to put together a 1-pager for the Board to look at detailing the info needed to be imparted to the neighborhood.
  • Possibly purchase a banner encouraging people to join the Association and referring people to the website to join up. We have approximately 5,300 households and only 5% are members.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Lindsay provided quarterly profit and loss reports. Our total liabilities and equity are $30,226.63 as at June 30, 2019.  Total income for that same period was $5,594.45.  Total expense was $4,204.97.


Old Business

  • Ivanhoe Planters: 10 Planters were delivered, and soil was added to them. Flowers were purchased for $265 from Bayers Garden Shop.  Volunteers planted all the flowers and watered them.  The excess flowers were planted at the park.  Several gardening tools and a hose were purchased and will be kept at the park building.  The planter in front of Killer Vintage will be moved to the area on Scanlan in front of Muser’s Pub.


New Business

  • SLACO & the Blues Society: Will be having a Blues night with various blues bands in November at the Grandel Theater. Entry fee will be $40.  More info closer to the event.
  • We still have 2 Board positions available. Recommendations to be sent to Pat.  Announcements will be made at the General Membership meeting.
  • A request was made to start the General Membership meeting at 7pm instead of 7.30pm. This was not passed.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman