Virtual LPNA Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting – December 2020

The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association(LPNA) quarterly General Meeting was held virtually on December 7 at 7:30 pm.

          LPNA Business:

                   2020 Wrap Up                                  Pat Acquisto
                   Christmas Lighting Contest         Jorie Schuckman
                   Membership                                    Lindsay Alsop
                   Block Captains                                Emily Rogier
                   Public Safety Report                      Officer Vince Stehlin
                   MO 82nd District Report               Rep. Donna Baringer
                   Aldermanic Report                         Joe Vaccaro, 23rd Ward                                                                                                                               Tom Oldenberg, 16th Ward
                   NIS Report                                       Karen Clifford
                   Lindenwood Area Sr. Ministry     Katie Weintraub
                   Machacek Library                           Molly Pfeiffer

       Thank you for caring about the Lindenwood Park neighborhood!


Meeting summary:

*Iron Butterfly Fitness is a new fitness center on Ivanhoe and Bradley.  The owner, Michelle Beauvais filled us in on everything they offer.  Fitness Studio | Iron Butterfly Fitness | United States

*The judges are out roaming the neighborhood looking for the best holiday lights.  The winners of the lighting contest will be announced Dec. 21.

*Vince Stehlin reported the crime statistics since the last meeting.  We hope to have them on our website this week.  The biggest problem in our neighborhood right now is catalytic converter theft.  The detectives have located several buyers and are working to shut them down.  Detectives are also closing in on a suspected burglary ring affecting our end of the city.

*Donna Barringer reported the protocol for Covid vaccines in Missouri.  Healthcare workers followed by first responders with full availability to general public by May.

*Joe V. is waiting for the city to begin work on all approved improvements in the ward.  Park playground resurfacing should begin soon.  Joe has been working with Karen Clifford and the police to clean up drug activity at a house on Marquette.  They were able to have the perpetrator arrested.  Chipotle is going in on Hampton & Pernod.  Circle K at Fyler & Jamieson is purchasing the house behind it and moving forward with plans to expand.

*Tom Oldenburg is having a traffic study on Hampton conducted and is looking for input from residents.  More about that will be on our website.  Still nothing planned next to Smoothie King.

*Karen Clifford is working with several owners of problem properties. They are all in various stages of having action taken against them. Karen is staying on top of it as well as keeping the neighborhood informed of trash schedules, leaf pick up, etc.

*Lindenwood Area Senior Ministry has received a grant from the Lutheran Foundation and was able to hire a part time social worker.  This will help them provide more one-on-one service to our elderly residents.  All of their social activities are taking place by Zoom for now.

*Machacek Library had to go back to curb side only.  Materials can be ordered on the website and brought to your car.  Copies are still able to be purchased.  Print them from your house and swing by to pick up.  Machacek’s book club is conducted by Zoom, just register by phone with Molly Pfeiffer.

*The new Century Homes program will be up and running in a few weeks.  A design has been approved and a vendor is being selected.  A letter will go out to owners of homes aged 100 years and older.  The plaque will be available to purchase and can be mounted on the exterior of the building or staked in the yard.

*We thanked all of our volunteers throughout the year, encouraged residents to spend at neighborhood businesses, and wished everyone a safe and peaceful Holiday Season.