Tweetup At F&B’s Eatery

Mark this date in your calendars! Tweetup will be held on Tuesday, May 28th from 5.30pm – 7.30pm at F&B’s Eatery, 3453 Hampton Ave (corner Marquette & Hampton, opposite Tilles Park) this month!

F&B’s Eatery opened in September 2015 and is locally known to make the BEST burger (come and see for yourself). The owner, Michael Pauk has 25+ years in the restaurant industry and he will cater to your various dietary needs. All meals are freshly made in-house AND beer and wine are sold there too. Weather permitting, we will have indoor and outdoor seating available. If you haven’t been to F&B’s Eatery yet, here is the perfect opportunity for you! Here’s the website:

A “Tweetup” is just a fancy name for a happy hour. We started holding Tweetup’s as a way to support our local restaurants and to encourage people from our neighborhood to get together and socialize with each other while possibly trying out a new restaurant or returning to an old favorite. Many new and lasting friendships have been formed from Tweetup’s. Our Alderman attends a lot of them and you’re welcome to chat with him about any neighborhood issue in a relaxed setting.

Tweetup’s are fun, there’s no hidden agenda, good food, good drinks, meet new people, bring your friends/colleagues/family, just remember to pay your own check.

Hope to see you at F&B’s Eatery on May 28th anytime between 5.30pm and 7.30pm!