Tweetup At Babe’s Tavern

Please join us on Tuesday August 22nd from 5.30pm – 7.30pm at Babe’s Tavern, 3215 Ivanhoe Ave., for our monthly Tweetup!

Babe’s does not serve food and Vinnie’s does not serve alcohol so we will meet at Babes’ patio and purchase our food from Vinnie’s across the road.  This has always turned into a great Tweetup location and you’ll have the best of both worlds with awesome food from Vinnie’s and a great location and happy hour priced drinks at Babe’s.  Don’t forget that Pizza-A-Go-Go is just down the road too for those of you wanting pizza!

Babe’s was voted “Best Bar Bar” in 2009 by the RFT and we are fortunate enough to have an intimate neighborhood bar that draws regulars six nights a week.  They have a great covered patio that has ceiling fans and a water feature to make you feel cool in the hot and humid weather.  Vinnie’s has been in our neighborhood for a few years and if you haven’t tried the food, you are seriously missing out on a giant treat!  Here is a great opportunity for you to join us and get your food from Vinnie’s or Pizza-A-Go-Go and bring it over to the patio at Babe’s and grab a beer there and mingle with some awesome people from our neighborhood.

“Tweetup” is just a buzz word for a happy hour.  There is no agenda, no program.  It is just a neighborhood event that the neighborhood association organizes so that people can make new friends, connect with our Alderman and Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (who attend most of them) and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to check out a new local restaurant or bar that you may never have experienced before and it helps to support local eateries on what could have been a quiet night for them.

We hope you’ll consider joining us on August 22nd.  Stay for a few minutes, or stay the whole time.  Either way, we will enjoy having you there.  Remember to pay for your own food and drinks. If you have any questions please email All welcome!