Time Changed For Neighborhood Meeting

Please note that a decision was made to change the time of the quarterly neighborhood meeting from 7.30pm to 7pm.  We will endeavor to keep the meetings as concise as possible and end promptly before 9pm.

We do realize that sometimes the topics raised cause for an abundance of questions from neighbors resulting in the meeting lasting longer than predicted.  Whilst we want to ensure that everyone has their say as much as possible, we will have to cut off questions if they take up a lot of time.  You are welcome to continue asking questions of the speaker outside of the room or, alternatively, request an email/phone number and contact the speaker after the meeting.

We hope you will join us on Monday March 4th at 7pm at Watson Terrace Christian Church (corner Watson & Winnebago) for our first quarterly meeting of the year!  All are welcome and you do not have to be a paid-up member to attend, although we will have application forms available if you choose to join the association.  You can also sign up at www.lindenwoodpark.org/join.



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