September 12 General Membership Meeting

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) general membership meeting

Monday, September 12, 2016
7:30 – 9:00pm




Legislative Reports

                Joe Vaccaro, 23rd Ward Alderman

                Donna Baringer, 16th Ward Alderwoman

                Michele Kratky, State Representative, 82nd District


Neighborhood Real Estate Report                            Bridget Rodriguez


Weatherization Assistance                                         Isaiah DiLorenzo, Urban League Representative


Proposition NS – Neighborhood Stabilization     Janet Desnoyer


Committee Reports

                Block Captain Program                                  Janet Desnoyer

                Concerts in the Park                                      

                Lawn and Garden Contest

                                Winners Recognized

                Community Garden Report                         Milton Murry

                Green Team Highway Clean-up                 Tim Nowell

                Membership Report                                       Lindsay Alsop

                Linfest                                                                  Lisa Roggeman

                Park Report                                                        Craig Strohbeck

                                Park Clean-up September 24

                Public Safety Report                                       Officer Vince Stehlin

                Tweet-ups                                                          Lisa Roggeman

                Trivia Night                                                        Pat Acquisto


                Library Report                                                   Molly Pfeiffer

                Lindenwood Senior Ministry                      Katie Weintraub

                Neighborhood Improvement

                                Specialist Report                              Annette Bridges


Featured Speaker                                                            Christine Alsop, Attorney at Law

                                                                                                Estate Planning and Probate


Introduction of New Members                                  Lindsay Alsop


All general meetings are held in the auditorium in the lower level of Union United Methodist Church at the corner of Watson and Pernod.

Our city representatives will be there, as well as a public information officer from the police department, and neighborhood board members. Sometimes local and state representatives also attend to speak with the public and hear from them.


Find out about: Neighborhood Meetings.