Proposed Expansion of the Circle K Gas Station and Convenience Store

Dear Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Resident


I am sending this letter to inform you of the proposed expansion of the Circle K Gas Station and Convenience Store at the corner of Fyler and Jamieson. Circle K has a contract to purchase the property immediately to their east at 6839 Fyler to accommodate the expansion. They plan to make a 4 million dollar investment to:

  • Build a new convenience store with additional products for sale
  • Reconfigure the placement of gas pumps for easier and less congested access
  • Reconfigure entry to the property from Fyler combining the existing two entries into only one larger driveway entrance
  • -Eliminate the driveway which currently exists behind the building like the one that exists today and replace it with landscaping
  • Relocate underground storage tanks along the eastern side of the property
  • Landscape the property and work with the residents at 6825 Fyler to ensure appropriate privacy and sound abatement is included in final plans

The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association Board has met with Circle K representatives and will support rezoning the property at 6839 Fyler as Zone F, Neighborhood Commercial. Rezoning will not occur if residents do not approve the expansion. The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association Board has also requested the following conditions be placed on the development:

–  Require plan approval from the residents and businesses within a 350 foot radius of Circle K

– Work with residents on landscaping and signage to insure privacy and noise limitation

–   Deny pump access to anyone playing music too loud

– Insure trash is managed to present a neat appearance

– Use surveillance cameras at the pump and within the store for crime prevention

– No drug paraphernalia can be sold in the store

– Only beer and wine can be sold in the store and no single package containers can be sold


Note: Circle K must still apply for a separate liquor license in order to sell beer and wine. Residents and businesses within a 350 foot radius of the property must approve the liquor license with a 51% majority vote.

I support the expansion because of the improved appearance of the facility on a prominent intersection in our neighborhood and the significant investment this represents. However, the final decision to expand will depend upon resident approval. Residents can place additional conditions on the plan.


Please contact me by February 29, 2016 by phone (718-0131) or email (

with any questions, concerns or additional conditions. Residents will be notified by mail regarding the Liquor License application and their support or non-support of the application.



Joseph Vaccaro

Alderman, 23rd Ward