Meetup At Dado’s Café

It’s time for another “Merry Meetup”!  Tuesday March 28th will be our next Meetup at Dado’s Café, 5425 Hampton Ave. from 6pm – 8pm.  Come and join us for as long as you like.

There’s no agenda and no “meeting”.  It’s just a fun group of neighbors getting together with some good food and drinks for a happy hour.

What is a Meetup? It’s just our buzz word for an opportunity to meet new people, try out a restaurant you’ve never been to before or revisit one of your favorite local establishments.  Dado’s has a great bar area for us to gather (they have plenty of soft drinks too) and an awesome menu: Dado’s Cafe- Tall Layout 3/24/2022 8.5 x 14 (

If you’re not able to “meet up” with us, please consider take out, pick up or delivery from Dado’s too – they now have a drive thru window!

We have been organizing Meetups for over a decade and many new friendships and acquaintances have been made, as well as lots of fun times.  We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday at Dado’s for March’s Meetup!