Mediation Training

Hi all-

I shared yesterday in church about Mennonite Community Mediation Services of St. Louis’ ( mediation training and our indiegogo fundraiser.  Here is the link:


We are presently on the cusp of establishing contracts with police departments in St. Louis city and county to offer police-citizen mediation, which we believe is among the best options to help re-establish trust between citizens and police departments.  With these contracts will come expansion of our community mediation footprint, also.  We are one of the few community mediation centers around the country to offer both, and there is much to be grateful for and proud of in this.  However, if we do not increase  and diversify the number of trained mediators, we can also easily become overextended.


Once again, we will be offering mediation training in January and February.  If you or people you know might make good mediators, please get involved.   Please consider donating to our Indiegogo project to help fund mediation training for lower income applicants, and to help lower income volunteers better cope with the expenses incidental to volunteering.




James   Regier


Mediation   Coordinator