LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 5/13/2017

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2017



Attendance: Tim Nowell, Craig Strohbeck, Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Janet Desnoyer, Milton Murry, Doug Dick, Colleen Collins


The April, 2017 minutes were approved.


Strategic Plan:


Goal 1, Strategy 1.2 – Change to: Increase communication to LPNA members and the neighborhood at large. Tactic/Measure – Create Communications Committee to oversee the communication process.

Goal 2 -1.2.4 – Delete: Dan Schmidt has agreed to, sentence will start with Contact Ivanhoe….

Goal 2.3 – Change to: Enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood through beautification and usage of public spaces.

Goal 2.3.3 – Add: Institute a consistent park planning process.

Goal 3 – 3.2.7 – Add: Offer membership incentive June through Sept., 2017 with new member raffle.




Communications – Greg reported that Lindenwoodpark.net is no longer available for new member emails. Lindenwoodpark.net/join will be rerouted to Lindenwoodpark.org. Greg and Wendy are using an add-on for secure tracking of membership with enhancements.


General Membership Meeting – Nan Vortiebe from St. Louis Hills N.A. will be observing the meeting. Janet is ordering 100 new meeting signs from Mueller Sign for $465 w/tax.

Reports will be State of the neighborhood, elected officials report, possibly someone from Snax Gastropub and/or Kounter Kulture will speak.


Park – Colleen Collins spoke to the Board about shared usage of the tennis courts with pet owners. No membership or dues would be involved and the tennis players would have priority. The Board is not in support of this and suggested that Colleen check with the City about the legal aspects.


Board Members – Carol Hofer will be replacing Dan Walk on the Board. It was decided that info about LASM will be included in the Board Member Orientation packet.


Businesses – Doug reported that Originals Card for area businesses was not worth pursuing.


Membership – Lisa & Craig will distribute welcome packets. A motion was approved to purchase a $50 restaurant gift certificate for the new member raffle.


Community Garden – Gardens are doing great, lots of radishes, lettuce & tomatoes


Events – Tweetup –May 23 at Edibles & Essentials.

Concerts – Help is needed with clean up. Greg will get there early and talk to the food                truck people. Emily is putting out signs and Tim is taking care of the barricades.




Respectfully Submitted.

Pat Acquisto