LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 4/17/2019

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2019 – 7pm – 8.30pm, Epiphany – Assumption Room



Present: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Emily Yale, Emily Rogier, Greg Roggeman, Craig Strohbeck

Apologies: Cody Bell, Tim Nowell, Doug Dick

Absent: Carol Hofer, Joe Vaccaro



The Minutes from February 16, 2019 were approved. Motion made by Emily Yale, seconded by Greg Roggeman.


General Membership Meeting

  • Guest speakers: Cody Hayo from Pretty City Gardens & Landscapes, elected officials, SLPD report. Pat will ask Joe to contact Great River Greenway about answering some questions at one of our meetings.


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • Jamieson Church: Has been condemned for occupancy, but someone is living there illegally. There are 4 years of back taxes owed. The city is putting it up for auction in July.  The property needs to be boarded up – waiting for the police to take up the issue.
  • 7080 Oleatha: Dumpster has gone but nothing further is being done on the house.
  • 6989 Pernod: Got a new roof and looks like some work is being done to it – still condemned.
  • 6451 Pernod: 5 years behind on taxes.
  • 6343 Tholozan: Couches and trash outside the house for over a year.
  • 7087 Lindenwood: Continually burning and using accelerant.



  • Flea Market: All 28 tables were sold. Confirmed that Mary Wolfram will collect the LPNA leftovers to her charity of choice. Timothy Lutheran only has 6 rectangle and 18 round tables (we need 26 rectangle and 2 round).  Many were broken or child-height tables, so it was agreed that Lisa would rent 20 tables.  Timothy Lutheran’s youth group will sell donuts and coffee as a fundraiser. Pat will be the contact person for flea market in Lisa’s absence on April 27th.  Setup and pricing on Friday 26th, 6-8.30pm.  Need some volunteers for Saturday at the LPNA tables.
  • Lindenwood Live: Food trucks – all contracts received except STL Kettlecorn – Greg to follow up. Bands are all booked and confirmed. Raising Cane’s has been approached regarding sponsoring $500 per concert.  We will give them a 10% discount for sponsoring all 4 concerts.
  • Tweetup: April’s Tweetup will be held at El Paisano on March 23rd. May’s Tweetup will be at a new venue – F&B’s Eatery.


  • LPNA Website: Wendy Barnes and Greg will meet on April 28th to discuss and work on a new website theme in order to bring the website up to date. The website hasn’t been updated in years and it’s starting to have problems when updating customized apps.  We want to use a free WordPress theme – preferably 2019 – which will be totally accessible.   Hot Lava could be called on to assist.
  • Committee: Greg will decide on a date for the committee to meet and advise all involved.



  • Park: Spring Cleanup has been scheduled for May 4th from 9am – noon. Mulch was delivered and spread at all 3 corner beds and the gazebo.  Need volunteers to help at the butterfly garden and general clean up.
  • Green Team: 6 Volunteers participated in the highway clean up. The bags have been picked up, the limbs removed and grass cut.
  • Community Garden: Planting has started.
  • Wabash Garden: Plants survived the winter. We received a donation of a 100 ft hose.
  • Ivanhoe Planters: Planters have been picked out – 5 x rectangular planters and will be placed between Bradley and Scanlan. LPNA will provide soil and flowers.  Residents will maintain planters and flowers.
  • Beautification Committee: This is comprised of Craig Strohbeck (Committee Chairman), Emily Yale, Doug Dick, Mary Anne Rogers and the 3 corner gardeners.


Block Captain Report:

  • Next meeting is on June 5th. There was some discussion regarding whether or not we needed 4 meetings a year as attendance is low. Emily and Liz will contact the NIS Supervisor to talk about problem properties and/or Operation Brightside to give some info at a future block captain meeting.
  • A “welcome pack committee” will be presented to the block captains to see if any of them would be willing to hand out welcome packs to new residents.


Membership Report

  • Lindsay will write a letter for mass mailing. Tim will provide a price for printing the letter and Pat will provide the addresses for approximately 5500 households.
  • Consideration will be given to having a welcome sticker on the front of the welcome packs.
  • Decals will be given to new members at general membership meetings.


Treasurer’s Report

  • 1 error on the report – $57 transferred to PayPal in error.
  • Cash in check account is reconciled.
  • No statements have been received from Citizen’s Bank for the new CD account yet.


Old Business

  • Park Building Cleaning: Thank you to everyone who helped clean the park building. Had a great turn out with 16 volunteers. Milton is steadily refinishing all the wooden furniture.
  • Flags: Pat got a quote on having flags made – garden flags = 50 x $11.50, porch flags = 25 x $51.89.


New Business

  • Invest STL: They have $4m and no one is applying for grants. Do we need to be a 501(c)3 to benefit from this? Emily R will ask Liz about grants.  Invest STL wants to provide money that used to be provided by the federal government.  Could we partner with LASM to meet needs of older home-bound residents?  Need someone to track the grant.  Need to find out exactly what the money can be used for (ie) real time cameras, façade program, problem properties etc.
  • Forest & Meadow: This business wants to go into the old Creative Framing building on Ivanhoe. It will be run by a certified clinical herbalist.  They would like to do one-on-one health consultations, classes on health and wellness, possibly rent space to an acupuncturist and massage therapist.
  • Possible Drug Activity: One of Craig’s neighbors suspects drug activity at the park. The police have been called and incidents logged.  Craig will check to see if anyone on the block has Ring doorbells or cameras that could assist the police.
  • Real Time Cameras: Lindsay asked if LPNA would want to make a contribution to this effort. Currently the money being raised is going towards 1 camera at Bancroft and Hampton, due to the crime from Target.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman