LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 2/10/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2018 – 9.30am, Machacek Library


Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Jessica Sullivan, Tim Nowell, Lindsey Alsop, Dan Schmidt, Milton Murry, Joe Vaccaro, Christy Boyd, Larry Norber (Hot Lava Media)


Apologies: Doug Dick


Absent: Craig Strohbeck, Carol Hofer, Shawn McLain

Website Development

Larry Norber, President of Hot Lava Media provided information regarding updating the membership section of the website. He proposed a plug-in that would cater to our payment needs as well as an ability to track membership details more efficiently. Costs: $225.00 per year for the software, $1,500 – $1,800 to install and test. Maintenance thereafter would be $95 per hour. If we agree to his proposal the time frame could be 4-6 weeks. Larry will email Greg a list of referrals.


The Minutes from January 10, 2018 were approved.


It was agreed the Lisa would take over the duties of Interim Secretary until the next elections.


Strategic Plan

It was decided that we would continue to devote ½ hour during the Saturday meetings to developing and updating the strategic plan.


General Membership Meeting Agenda – March 5, 2018

Police Chief Hayden and Public Safety Director Edwards will be the guest speakers.

Elected Officials, Library & LASM

Board Business


Liquor Sales – Mobil on the Run (ex U-Gas)

Mobil on the Run want to sell single serve liquor. They have a liquor license, but our original restrictions called for no sales of single serve liquor. They have installed real-time crime cameras and license plate readers approximately 6 months ago in the store to help prevent crime. A vote was taken regarding whether or not to support their request. 4 in favor, 4 not in favor. A letter will be sent to them saying that the Board will remain neutral in this respect.


Philips 66 (Circle K)

The Attorney for Philips 66 contacted Joe and Pat. They want to buy the house next door to the gas station, tear it down and expand their property. This requires re-zoning. They are not looking for a liquor license. A decision was made to send them a letter of support with restrictions stating that they need to purchase the house and tear it down first and then apply to re-zone it. The Attorney was advised to let Philips 66 know that they need to contact the neighbor next to the house they plan to purchase and discuss possible solutions to any requests they may have.

Tim and Lisa will help distribute welcome packs to new neighbors. Jessica will be asked to assist with follow up calls with membership renewals.

Committees need to be formed and there needs to be at least one Board member chairing or representing each committee. Committees need to meet at least once every 2 months and report back at Board meetings. A Safety Committee will be added to the list of committees. Committees are made up as follows:

Streets & Properties: Chair – Walt Winters, Members – Tim Nowell, Wendy Barnes, Marcy Gamblin-Luig, Lindsey Alsop, Sean Rapp, Shawn McLain.

Events: Chair – Pat Acquisto, Members – Lisa Roggeman, Jessica Sullivan, Greg Roggeman, Tim Nowell, Doug Dick

Membership: Chair – Jessica Sullivan, Members – Lindsey Alsop, Doug Dick, Craig Strohbeck.

Board Orientation: Chair – Lisa Roggeman, Members – Doug Dick

Communication: Chair – Greg Roggeman, Members – Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Lindsey Alsop, Wendy Barnes.

Block Captain: Chair: Emily Rogier and Elizabeth Hatfield-Merida

Park: Chair: Craig Strohbeck, Members: Dan Schmidt, Joe Vaccaro

Green Team & Beautification: Chair – Tim Nowell, Members: Milton Murry, Sharon Panian, Lindsey Alsop, Dan Schmidt.

Safety: Chair – Shawn McLain, Members – to be decided.


Park Report

Joe advised that he has $150,000 for the park budget (for Tilles and Lindenwood Park). Possible updates will be to clean up the hockey rink and work on the drainage problem on the baseball fields. Real-time crime cameras are also under discussion.


Community Garden

Sunflower seeds have been purchased. All bed in the community garden are reserved and there is a waiting list. Need some dedicated help with the Wabash garden at the 7000 block of Oleatha at Wabash. Committee will work on recruiting more people to help with Wabash garden.


Green Team Highway Clean up

Next clean up date is April 7th. Committee will work on recruiting people to help with the clean up’s.


Tweetup and LinFest
February’s Tweetup will be at Ari’s on February 27th. River’s Edge Social (old Johnny Gitto’s) should be opening in March and a Tweetup date will be investigated.

A “save the date” letter will be sent out to all possible LinFest vendors in February advising them of the date of this year’s LinFest – October 6th.


Flea Market

Letters and application forms have been sent out to last year’s vendors. We will be limiting the number of tables to 2 per person in the hope that we can acquire new vendors. Volunteers are needed to help with set up of tables and tear down. We will be asking for donations for the LPNA tables. Flea Market is scheduled for April 14th at Timothy Lutheran’s gym.


Lindenwood Live

3 bands have been secured: May 27th – Proud Larry; June 24th – Fanfare; Sept 2nd – The Firekeepers.

Food Trucks: Clementine’s Creamery has abstained from taking part as she wanted to be the only dessert truck. The following food trucks have been booked: The Sweet Divine, Cheese Shack, Essentially Fries, Frankly Sausages, FarmTruk (2 concerts).

Kettle Corn, Walk Away Waffles, Polar Ice, Smoke n Motion, Zia’s / Slice on the Hill are being considered.

A survey will be given to the trucks after the concert season for feedback.


Streets & Properties

Committee members were assigned various properties to investigate. A committee meeting will be scheduled to report back, and this info will be reported to the Board. The Committee needs to meet with Christy for feedback and to request her assistance.

7080 Oleatha – Forestry has cited them, letters will be send asking them to clean up the property. Over $4,000 is owed to the City.

6977 McCausland – has been listed on MLS.


Block Captains

The bowling party is scheduled for February 20th. LPNA will pay for the food.


NIS Report

2 new NIS’s have been hired by the City. They are still 4 short. Christy will remain the NIS for the 14th and 23rd Wards.


Treasurer’s Report

Lindsey provided the latest quarterly reports. These will be posted to the website.


Ivanhoe Survey

The questionnaire is ready to be mailed and Dan will get stamps from Lindsey and envelopes from Pat and mail them out.


Lindenwood Park Directory

Directories will be mailed out before the end of February. Every residential household in Lindenwood Park will receive one.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman