LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 11/18/2017

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2017


Attendance: Janet Desnoyer. Carol Hofer, Tim Nowell, Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Doug Dick, Joe Vaccaro, Milton Murry, Daniel Schmidt, Shawn McLain (phone-in), Salah Albhussin.


Mr. Ahlmussen was given the first 15 minutes of the meeting for a presentation of his proposal to open a used car lot at Watson. Albhussin explained that he has lived in the neighborhood for ten years. He purchased the lot several years ago with the intention of opening a car lot despite being told by Vaccaro that he would not approve it. Albhussin provided drawn plans for the car lot and explained that it would only contain cars and a small office. He asked that the Board consider sending a letter of approval. After discussing it was decided not to approve by a vote of: Yes – 1, Yes w/conditions – 1, No – 8. Janet will notify Mr. Albhussin of the decision.


The October, 2017 minutes were approved. Janet thanked the Board for the party, gifts and their support.


Strategic Plan – Tabled due to time constraints.


General Membership Meeting – Speakers -The new owners of Union United – Oak Bridge Church. The owners of Knead Bread, Christy Boyd and elected officials. Donations of can goods will be accepted. Jessica will draw winner of membership contest. All members bring baked goods, Pat will bring Christmas decorations and ask Anela at Carrolton Bank about pies.


Transition – SLACO info will be sent to Pat. Lisa, Tim and Shawn will give out welcome packets.


Communications – Pat contacted Jay Draper about helping with membership add in for website. He will get in touch with her after testing on his website. Daniel contacted Larry Norber at Hot Lava Media. He will install custom software for $1,500 with a $225/year subscription and train a designee. Greg will wait to talk to Draper and then talk to Norber.


Business – Sassy Pig going in the old Andre’s Ribs. A detail shop is going in the old Rally’s. Discussion about why were not notified in advance of Knead Bakery moving in.


Ivanhoe Business District – Questionnaire for business owners approved. Dan will proceed with mailing. Intention is to get an idea of what they would like to see on Ivanhoe.


Community Gardens – Pop Up Prairie is looking at Lindenwood Park to plant native plants. SLU students helped with mulch at Smiley Garden Milt is still harvesting carrots. It was decided that Milt & Sharon should not pay for their beds in the gardens.


Green Team – Six people showed up for highway clean up, one new person.


Tweet Up – Nov. 28 at Brazie’s.


Janet reported that Witnessing Whiteness meetings will start on January 18.


Streets & Property – 6964 & 6966 Pernod being sold to developers. Approaching developers concerning 7080 Oleatha.


Block Captains – New clock captain Julie Sapienza 62XX Fyler.


Respectfully Submitted, Pat Acquisto