Crime: Stolen Car

To All:


A car was stolen from the 6600 block of Winona sometime between 11pm on September 8 and 4am on September 9. The individual left her purse in the car in plain sight. This person is a nurse and was attempting to leave for work at 4am on September 9 when she discovered her car had been stolen. Her father was walking their dog at 6am and found her purse in the street about halfway up the block from their home with the wallet and credit cards missing.


The Police Liaison Officer gave a crime report at the Neighborhood Association Meeting on Monday evening. He indicated the biggest crime issues for our neighborhood are car breakins (usually occurring in the late night/early morning as this one) and burglaries (usually occurring during the day).  This is a perfect reminder to lock your car and never leave anything of value in it. Likewise, it you see people or cars which are not familiar and don’t look like they belong in the neighborhood, call the Police at 911 and report suspicious activity.  Please share with your neighbors.