Block Captains:
Chair: Laurie Klein
Strategy: Increase communication among and across blocks through an active Block Captain Program.
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Board Orientation:
Chair: Lisa Roggeman
Strategy: Orientation and Mentorship of new Board Members.
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Century Homes:
Chair: Jenna Stout
Members: Pat Acquisto, Kaye Campbell, Miriam Moynihan
Learn more about the Century Homes Program

Chair: Greg Roggeman
Members: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Wendy Barnes, Greg Todd
Strategy: To keep the website updated, post info to Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.
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Community Garden & Beautification:
Chair: Milton Murry
Members: Sharon Panian
Strategy: To develop and maintain the community garden and beautify the area at Wabash & Oleatha.
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Learn More about the Wabash Flower Garden

Chair: Pat Acquisto
Members: Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Tim Nowell
Strategy: To provide the neighborhood with community-building events such as, but not limited to LinFest, Lindenwood Live, Trivia Night, Flea Market, Meetups.
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Green Team:
Chair: Tim Nowell
Members: Milton Murry, Sharon Panian, Lisa Roggeman, Lindsay Alsop
Strategy: To enhance beautification of the neighborhood and develop gardening beds maintained by members, as well as clean up trash from the I-44/Jamieson Ave highway triangle.
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Chair: Lisa Roggeman
Members: Tim Nowell
Strategy: To follow up with lapsed members via phone calls, emails, deliver welcome packs, and develop ideas on how to increase our membership for the Association.
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Lindenwood Park:
Members: Lindsay Alsop, Pat Acquisto, Doug Dick, Tim Nowell, Emily Yale, Aaron Dohogne
Strategy: To liaise with Parks Dept. and membership regarding park developments, improvements, cleanups, and problem issues.
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Chair: Adam Rustige
Members: Pat Acquisto, John Harris, Laura Kipper, Jackie Rowark, Joe Vaccaro, Emily Zitta
Learn more about the LPNA Safety Committee.

Streets and Properties:
Chair: Walt Winters
Members: Tim Nowell, Wendy Barnes, Lindsay Alsop, Sean Rapp.
Strategy: To address problem/nuisance properties and liaise with Aldermen, NIS, 2nd District Police, and the City Attorneys.
Learn more about the Streets and Property Committee.